Motif Grotesk

The first iteration of Motif was created in 2014 as a part of my thesis project at AAAD. Initially inspired by early 20th century dynamic grotesks such as Antique Olive and Johnston Underground, it’s aim was to fulfill the needs of future public transportation signage. During the process, I adapted principles and characteristics of contemporary grotesk discourse, leaving the dust of the industrial age behind.

Motif is significant by deliberately changing angle of stroke-ends as we are used from Futura, but keeping the expression consistent with carefully tuned stroke width and proportions. Letterforms are constructed as simple as possible, with minimum calligraphic expression. It is also using a simple single-story "a" in a default character set. (However, the font contains classic one as well).

This font comes in 16 styles (8 weights + italics) with tabular figures set, lining figures, a few alternatives (R, G, a) and case-sensitive forms.

Text weights are very generously spaced, which makes Motif instantly desirable as a webfont. A wide range of weights makes it a versatile tool for creating complex identities or layouts, but also appealing when used on a poster or single headline.

All weights of Motif are ready to be used in both web and print media.

This text is set in Motif Light.